INTOSAI working groups and subcommittees

Below is a list of PASAI member countries who are on the INTOSAI working group and subcommittees.
 INTOSAI Working Group/Sub Committee Countries
 Working Group on Public Debt  Fiji
 Working Group on IT Audit  Kiribati
 Working Group on Environmental Audit  Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Samoa,Tonga
 Working Group on Fight Against Corruption and Money Laundering  Fiji, Papua New Guinea
 Working Group on Value and Benefits of SAI  New Zealand
 Communication Strategy Taskforce  New Zealand
 Capacity Building Committee - Subcommittee 2: Develop advisory  and consultant services  Fiji
 Professional Standards Committee (PSC)  Australia, Cook Islands, Kiribati, New Zealand, Samoa, Tonga
 Subcommittee – Performance Audit  Kiribati
 Subcommittee – Internal Control Standards  Cook Islands
 Subcommittee – Accounting and reporting  New Zealand
Project on Audit Quality Control  New Zealand (Chair)
Committee on knowledge sharing and knowledge services Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Tonga
Working Group on programme evaluation Papua New Guinea
Steering Committee INTOSAI Donor Cooperation New Zealand
INTOSAI Governing Board New Zealand