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Objectives of the Arab Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (ARABOSAI) include

  • Encouraging exchanges of ideas, viewpoints, experiences, studies, and research among the member institutions in the field of auditing and work to promote auditing in both scientific and practical terms;
  • Working toward raising awareness within the Arab nations of the importance of auditing in order to strengthen the role of SAIs in carrying out their missions; and
  • Organizing and strengthening cooperation between ARABOSAI and the institutions and specialized organizations of the League of Arab States, INTOSAI, and other organizations—both international and regional—whose activities relate to auditing.

ARABOSAI was established in 1976.

General Secretariat

Abdellatif Kharrat
Premier Président de la Cour des Comptes
Secrétaire Général de l'ARABOSAI
Avenue Taieb M’hiri, N° 87
1002 Belvédère – Tunis
Tel: +216 71 780040
Fax: +216 71 780029



Adel Abdulaziz Al-Sarawi
Acting President of the State Audit Bureau
Chairman of ARABOSAI
State Audit Bureau
P.O. Box 17 – Al-Shamiya
71661 Kuwait
Tel: +965 24957000
Fax: +965 24957001