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PASAI acknowledges the financial contributions and support from:

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Asian Development Bank
INTOSAI Development Initiative
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World Bank

INTOSAI-Donor Quarterly Update available here

You can now access the INTOSAI-Donor Quarterly Update from the Resources/Newsletters/Bulletins section of our website.

The July-October 2015 edition includes stories on:

  • the 8th Steering Committee Meeting of the INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation held in Brazil
  • updating the SAI Capacity Development Database
  • SAI PMF reports published
  • Implementation of the SAI PMF in Costa Rica
  • Independent review of SAI PMF reports
  • Annual Meeting of the INTOSAI Capacity Building Committee held in Stockholm 

Steering Committee meeting of the INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation 

The 8th Steering Committee Meeting of the INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation took place on October 6–7, 2015.
To realise the full potential of the Cooperation, the Steering Committee set three priorities for the future of capacity building efforts:
  • to complete the development of the SAI PMF to enable it be endorsed by the INTOSAI congress in 2016 and to be recognized internationally as the premier global diagnostic tool for SAI capacity development assessments
  • to take stock of lessons learnt to increase funding for SAI development plans.
  • to redevelop and enhance the ways of sharing information and knowledge on effective SAI capacity building initiatives, and finally to develop a more robust evidence based framework to demonstrate the results of the Cooperation.
The full media release from the Steering Committee meeting is available here

Communique of the 18th PASAI Congress  - Vanuatu 

PASAI has just concluded its 18th Congress, held in Port Vila Vanuatu. You can download the Congress Communique here.

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Lessons learnt from Round 4 of the SAS program 

The Sub-Regional Audit Support (SAS) is one of PASAI’s capacity building program, which started in 2009. The lessons learnt from the 4th Round of the program, which was completed 2014 is now available for download. This report includes the SAS Committee’s overview of the final report of the work undertaken in the three participating nations – Kiribati, Solomon Islands and Tuvalu.

PASAI acknowledges Asian Development Bank for their funding and support for the SAS program.  

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The INTOSAI Database of Experts (EDB) has been restructured in a new, friendlier platform, with new search filters and access levels to make it easier for the INTOSAI community to identify experts who could provide technical assistance to SAIs under mutual agreement.

The database of experts can be accessed here.

2015 Accountability and Transparency Project is underway 

PASAI's 2015 Accountability and Transparency (A&T) project is now in full swing. The A&T Report is one of PASAI’s key publications. This year’s report will be central to our advocacy activities under the Long-Term Strategy. Data from the report will also be of great value in monitoring the success of our combined efforts in implementing the strategy.

A questionnaire is the primary mechanism for gathering information from across our membership. The questionnaire is for PASAI members only and has been designed to be completed by all SAI Heads (except those of Australia and New Zealand). It can be completed online.

New release - Regional Cooperative Performance Audit Report

Cover page Climate Change Coop Audit FINAL-670-562

PASAI is pleased to present the consolidated result of our audit work in the Report of the Coordinated Pacific Region Performance Audit: Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction Strategies and Management. Audit findings from the eight published audit reports have been clustered around the key performance themes of governance arrangements, project implementation, and monitoring and reporting.

The audit was a combined effort involving the INTOSAI Development Initiative, the Asian Development Bank, and PASAI. Australia’s Victorian Auditor-General’s Office provided support to audit teams under the ACAG/PASAI twinning arrangements. The PASAI Regional Working Group on Environmental Auditing also supported this coordinated audit. The Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Program provided specialist technical expertise on climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction measures in the Pacific. The Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Program also supported audit teams with technical climate change matters over the course of their audits.

This report is useful for Pacific Island governments, regional stakeholders and environmental organisations involved in climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction.


New release - Global SAI Stocktaking Report 2014

The IDI has released the Global SAI Stocktaking Report 2014. This report, and its appendix, presents the results
on SAI performance, capacities and needs based on 2014 data by providing a global perspective on the performance
of SAIs, identifying changes in SAI performance and needs as compared to the 2010 Stocktaking report, presenting
the capacity development needs as communicated by SAIs and indicating possible areas for further research.


PASAI’s Strategic Plan for 2014–24 

PASAI’s Strategic Plan for 2014-24 is now available here. PASAI appreciates the inputs from
members, partners and stakeholders in the development of the strategy. For any clarifications on
the strategy, please contact Eroni Vatuloka at


Upcoming events

IDI Regional meeting for 3i implementation Phase 2  Bhutan, 23–27 Nov 2015.

Tier 4 Training Tonga, 8–11 Dec 2015

Communicating effectively training Tonga 1–5 February 2016

SAS program Round 5

Kiribati phase 14 Sept – 8 Oct 2015

Solomon phase 27 Oct – 21 Nov 2015

Tuvalu phase (final) 24 Nov to 17 Dec 2015