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Dec 16

Regional Cooperative Compliance Audit Procurement Reporting meeting

  • Apia Samoa
  • The main objective of this programme to support SAIs in moving towards ISSAI compliant compliance audits, by supporting them in sustainably enhancing their professional staff capacity and organisational capacity and performance, in conducting the ISSAI based audits of procurement.  The planning meeting was held in November 2015 and teams had committed to develop audit plans and carry out the audits before the reporting meeting.
  • The second phase being the reporting meeting will be held on 11-16 December 2016 in Samoa.
  • This program includes a quality assurance process of these audits which will occur in 2017 and carried out independently by consultants from IDI/PASAI.
  • This program contributes to achieving SP3 “High quality and timely audits”.
  • Participating SAIs: Cook Islands, Fiji, FSM National, FSM State of Pohnpei, Guam, PNG, Republic of Marshall Islands, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, 
Dec 11


  • State Audit Institution

The international community of Supreme Audit Institutions will be meeting at the INCOSAI Congress in the state of Arab.  All regional organisations including PASAI will be represented at this Congress.

Dec 9

PASAI/PFTAC Regional workshop on Strengthening Oversight Functions of PFM through internal and external audits

  • This Program objective is to improve internal audit and external auditing functions to contribute in strengthening the oversight functions of PFM. The proposed program is a regional workshop that will be conducted in collaborative partnership with PFTAC working together to strengthen member countries in the Pacific Region. The direct beneficiaries of the Program will be the 7 SAIs Fiji, PNG, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Vanuatu and Cook Islands. For six of these countries the internal audit function is part of the Ministries of Finance and Cook Islands has outsourced this function to a private sector firm. This will contribute to achieving SP3 “High quality and timely audits”.
  • Target participants from 7 SAIs with Internal audit functions.
  • 2 participants from each of these 7 SAIs.
Nov 25

Regional workshop on Building Capacity to effectively audit the management of public assets

  • Port Moresby Papua New Guinea
  • This Program objective is to build the knowledge and skills of SAIs staff on issues relating to, and including auditing of, the management of public assets. The proposed program will be a regional workshop on Asset Management and include the development of training materials specifically on asset management and the delivery of this workshop to 25 PASAI member participants. In particular participants will learn how to plan, conduct and implement an audit program on public sector assets which may result in audit recommendations that will be implemented by government agencies and ultimately strengthen public asset management practices. The project will benefit all SAIs and comes under Strategic Priority 3: “High quality audits completed by Pacific SAIs on a timely basis”. 
  • Target participants – Head of SAI or Senior Officer. 
  • ALL SAIs will be invited.
Nov 11

Reporting meeting for SAI PFM

Member SAIs participating in the implementation of the SAI PMF lite self-assessment tool will be reporting back on progress at this meeting.