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Dear Heads of SAIs,

In preparation for the first Public Accounts Committee (PAC) workshop to be held in the Solomon Islands in September 2017 and subsequently to selected SAIs, the PASAI Advocate Eroni Vatuloka is gathering information on PACs in the region. In this respect, he would appreciate your response to the following 5 questions:

Name *
a) Status of PAC
(ii) When the Committee was first established?
(ii) When the Committee was first established?
b) Legal framework
(Please send us a copy of the relevant sections of the legislation and/or standing orders for our reference)
c) Membership of the committee
How are the Committee members selected or appointed?
d) Specific role of committee
E) Please provide an indication of the committee activity in the last 3 years
f) Briefing of the committee
g) Resourcing and Support for PAC
h) What other features of the committee scrutiny process you would like to share?

Please submit by Friday 7th July 2017.

I thank you for your continued support and cooperation.