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“One of the core strategic priorities of the PASAI Strategic Plan of 2014 – 2024 is Strategic Priority 3. In particular, there are three broad objectives for SP3:

(1) up to date Whole of Government (WG) or Financial Statement of Government  (FSG) reports are audited (using standards appropriate to the individual SAI) on a timely basis 

(2) SAI sproduce high quality financial audits in accordance with national/international standards

(3) SAIs produce high quality performance audits of government and regional programmes.

PASAI has developed these technical support resources to assist member SAIs and provide up-to-date, relevant and informative updates and news relating to these three objectives, in particular the three key audit streams – Financial, Performance and Compliance.

These Technical Support Resources will be updated regularly and it is to benefit our PASAI region. Therefore, if your SAI would like to provide any documents, reports and interesting articles to include in these pages, please contact the PASAI Secretariat either by leaving a message on this website or send an email to A’eau Agnes Tuiai-Aruwafu Director Technical Support agnes.aruwafu@pasai.org
We also are keen to ensure our products and resources are relevant, useful and informative, therefore we are open to any suggestions for improvement! Please ensure you provide up to date information about Whole of Government to the Secretariat to ensure the information shown in this section is current.


PASAI is developing a database in relation to WG, FSG status which is available and in time will be refined further to be a credible source of information about our member SAIs.  As noted above, the WG/FSG is one of the key objectives of SP3.


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