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Accountability and Transparency Report

2015 Accountability and Transparency Report

PASAI’s 2015 Accountability and Transparency Report looked at how SAIs in the Pacific are promoting ethical behaviour and good governance practices in the public service environment. The report also considers approaches to national budget scrutiny across the Pacific, including whether SAIs could have a broader role in the scrutiny of national budgets. The report also looked at whether SAIs have sufficient financial and operational independence to undertake this expanded role and whether they have sufficient resources to undertake a broader mandate. Finally, the report followed up on the findings of the 2011 Accountability and Transparency Report.

This report also followed up on the Accountability and Transparency work undertaken in 2011. The 2015 follow-up work showed that while some progress has been made in the areas of control of corruption, community participation in civil society and public availability of information, much work is still needed to strengthen the scrutiny role of legislatures and committees, corporate governance and media freedom and independence. 
The key message to come from this report and subsequently chosen as the title of this report, is that the primary way for SAIs to have an impact on transparency and accountability in the Pacific—to make a shift, to make a change—is to lead by example.

Accountability and transparency are two important elements of good governance and their principles are detailed in ISSAI 20. Accountability and transparency are not easily separated; they both encompass many of the same actions. Transparency is powerful and, when consistently applied, can help fight corruption, improve governance, promote accountability and engender the confidence of citizens. The concept of accountability refers to the legal and reporting framework, organisational structure, strategy, procedures and actions to help ensure that public funds are expended in a responsible, efficient and effective way.
The 2015 Accountability and Transparency Report  may be used by PASAI  and its member SAIs to:

  • start a conversation with their governments and legislatures about their own status and independence
  • promote the role of SAIs in contributing to the accountable and transparent use of public resources