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Mr. Manoharan Nair

Mr. Manoharan Nair

Name of SAI:  Department of Audit

HEAD OF SAI: Mr. Manoharan Nair

Title :  Auditor-General 

Date of assumption of duty: 14 May 2012

Term of office: As decided by the Cabinet.(No specifc term provided in the mandate) Normally Govt. executes a contract with the AG and extends it for a period which cabinet decides.

Head of SAI end date: 14 May 2019 (as per the renewed contract).

Number of SAI Staff :  9

SAI Legislation:  Audit Act 1973

Contact Details
Department of Audit
P.O. Box 116
Civic Centre
Aiwo District
Nauru Island–Central Pacific

Tel:         +674 557 3109

Mobile: + 674 557 3359

Fax:      -


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