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Strategic Priority 2: Advocacy to strengthen governance, transparency and accountability

PASAI will advocate for improved governance, transparency and accountability of countries assisted by greater regional co-operation amongst SAIs and active engagement with stakeholders and development partners with an interest in effective public financial management.  We achieve this by:

Reporting on the Status of Annual Transparency and Accountability in the Pacific
In keeping with Pacific Island Forum’s 8 Principles of Accountability and under the guidance of the Governing Board, the PASAI Secretariat will prepare and publish a Transparency and Accountability report every three years on the regional status of SAI independence, audit finding follow-up and other issues of concern to SAIs.

Engaging with SAIs and Stakeholders
The PASAI Secretariat works with member SAIs to raise awareness about the role of the SAI and the difference a SAI makes to the lives of citizens. SAIs are seen in their country systems and across the region as a credible source of independent and objective insight and guidance of the management of public resources.  

Contributing to Improved Public Financial Management
SAIs are increasingly recognised by government and civil society groups as advocates of good public financial management through the work it produces and reports. Together with the SAI, the Secretariat provides guidance and support in strengthening the public financial management systems and processes.  

Building strong partnerships with Regional Organisations with an interest in enhanced Accountability and Transparency
PASAI conducts collaborative meetings and discussions with key stakeholders including development partners in the Region, as well as identifying ways to deliver joint projects and initiatives that will benefit the member SAIs and the region.