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Strategic Priority 5: PASAI Secretariat capable of supporting Pacific SAIs

A properly resourced and staffed Secretariat is essential to a high level of performance in implementing PASAI’s strategic priorities.  PASAI will assist regional co-operation and co-ordination by:

(a) establishing an enhanced PASAI Secretariat
(b) supporting regional co-ordination
(c) preparing strategies for common methodologies
(d) preparing programmes for co-operative audits and peer reviews
(e) establishing an enhanced PASAI website

PASAI governance
The PASAI Charter sets out the purpose of the organisation and its membership. It also provides for the appointment, roles and responsibilities of the Chairperson, the Governing Board, the Secretary General and the Executive Director.

Under the guidance of the Congress, the Governing Board sets PASAI’s direction and oversees the activities of its Secretariat. The Governing Board is responsible for formulating strategies and policies for the organisation. The Board also approves the 3 year workplan and budget and the rules for the conduct of PASAI activities.
Programmes for co-operative audits and peer reviews
The PASAI Secretariat will prepare and maintain programmes for co-operative audits and peer reviews, which Governing Board meetings and Congresses will review and monitor. The programs will identify the focus, sequencing and timing of audits and other activities and provide the basis for monitoring and evaluation.
Strategies for common methodologies
The PASAI Secretariat will work with SAI Heads to agree, where possible, appropriate strategies and plans for moving towards common audit methodologies, focusing initially on performance auditing methodologies (as there is greater potential to move more quickly to harmonise regional approaches), while not neglecting financial audit methodologies.

Establishment of the PASAI website
An improved PASAI website has been developed now that the Secretariat is located in Auckland. The website allows SAIs access to materials from INTOSAI and other professional bodies. It also facilitates members’ access to shell manuals, database information and other special resources. The website contains reports and other information for the public and members.