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Ms Liua Fatuesi

Ms Liua Fatuesi

Name of SAI:  Office of the Territorial Auditor - American Samoa Government 

HEAD OF SAI: Ms Liua Fatuesi

Title :  Acting Territorial Auditor

Date of assumption of duty: January 5, 2013

Term of office: 5 years

Head of SAI end date (from post):  30 September 2018

Number of SAI Staff : 7

SAI Legislation: American Samoa Code (ASC), Title 4, Chapter 4 

Contact Details
Office of the Territorial Auditor
AP Lutali,
Executive Office Building
American Samoa Government
Pago Pago, 


Tel:      +684 633 5191

Fax:      +684 633 5193

Email: lfatuesi216@gmail.com  

SAI Website: www.americansamoa.gov/departments/agencies/audit.htm