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Meet the Secretariat Team


Greg Schollum (Acting Controller and Auditor-General, New Zealand) is PASAI’s Secretary General, providing leadership and guidance to the Secretariat to carrying out PASAI’s Strategic Plan and work programs. Greg also advises PASAI’s Congress and the Governing Board. Greg is assisted by Sarah Lineham (Sector Manager, Office of Auditor-General, New Zealand).


Tiofilusi Tiueti is the Chief Executive of the PASAI Secretariat and is responsible for the effective delivery of the PASAI Strategic Plan.


A'eau Agnes Tuiai-Aruwafu is the Director of Technical Support. Agnes provides technical support to enhance SAIs capacity and capability to improve their audits and ensure they are of a high quality and are timely according to legislative mandates.


Sina Palamo-Iosefo is the Director of Practice Development. Sina works with SAIs to outline their professional development needs in order to enhance SAIs capacity and capability and where necessary prepare programmes that address those assessed needs.


Natalie Price is the Secretariat’s Office Co-ordinator. Natalie is the first point of contact within the Secretariat. She co-ordinates the procurement and management of contracted service providers for the PASAI Secretariat and provides administrative support to Secretariat staff and the work of the Secretariat.

Sarah Lineham is PASAI Deputy Secretary-General. Sarah is the Sector Manager, Local Government, Office of the Auditor-General of New Zealand. She joined the Office of the Auditor-General in 2007. Before joining the Office, Sarah was an Audit Manager at Audit New Zealand.  Sarah also provides support to the Secretariat of PASAI.

Eroni Vatuloka works as PASAI PFM Consultant. Eroni was the Secretariat’s inaugural Executive Director and worked hard on setting up the Secretariat in Auckland and establishing its reputation in the region. Eroni now works for our members to deliver some of the advocacy and networking activities of PASAI in the Pacific region.


Mr Robert Buchanan is a public law specialist based in Wellington, New Zealand. Robert specialises in public sector governance and risk management, including probity. Drawing from Robert's former experience as an Assistant Auditor-General, he has developed a small but significant international consultancy practice, in the area of public finance management, audit and accountability. He is a legal consultant to PASAI. 


Ms Claire Kelly is the Co-operative Audit Consultant and Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist. Claire has worked with PASAI as an ADB consultant since 2009. During that time she has managed four rounds of Cooperative Performance Audits on environmental topics of importance to individual jurisdictions and to the region. More recently she has assisted PASAI to develop and implement a Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting (MER) framework to measure progress against the goals of our long-term strategic plan. Prior to her PASAI work, Claire was Senior Director, Performance Audit Services, Australian National Audit Office (ANAO).


Tina Vaka is the PASAI Communications Advisor.  She is a graduate from Victoria University, Wellington NZ with a Masters in Applied Linguistics and a postgraduate Diploma in TESL. She is also a graduate from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Education. Her experience includes teaching English, writing and business courses at Victoria University, University of Auckland, Best Pacific Institute of Education and the Manukau Institute of Technology in NZ.