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The INTOSAI Journal Special INCOSAI Edition

The special INCOSAI edition of the International Journal of Government Auditing is now available online at www.intosaijournal.org.

You can also download the Journal here!

This issue is dedicated to INCOSAI XXII in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and we ask you to follow us on INTOSAI’s journey to success!

Inside you will find features on the INTOSAI Strategic Plan 2017-2022, as well as Achieving Global Sustainability and Professionalization.

Additional highlights include articles on how working together can help cultivate success, such as the multi-lateral exchange of knowledge and ideas that led to the endorsement and approval of the Working Group on Big Data.

Throughout this edition of the Journal, you will find tons of photos along with inspirational quotes and video interviews on what success for INTOSAI looks like to some of our delegates.

In addition to the Journal’s website, you can find audit community news and images through our Facebook postings www.facebook.com/intosaijournal, Twitter feed www.twitter.com/@INTOSAIJournal and Instagram photos www.instagram.com/intosaijournal.