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PASAI SEEKING EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST - South-South Co-operation Program Supporting Nauru SAI

At the February 2017 Governing Board meeting the Board approved the proposal for a sub-regional program to provide resources to the Nauru SAI to assist with the conduct of financial audits including the 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 Whole of Government financial statement audits.

The Secretariat has called this Nauru SAI sub-regional programme “Financial Audit Secondments Technical Support” or “FASTS program” and now welcomes Expressions of Interest (EOI) applications for Pacific Auditors of all PASAI members to be seconded to Nauru SAI to provide technical support in relation to the conduct of government financial audits.  The FASTS sub-regional programme are up to one month at a time and PASAI provides for up to four paid secondments annually over the next three years, beginning September 2017.  PASAI will pay for travel costs, accommodation and also provide an allowance according to PASAI’s travel policy.

The selection process consists of reviewing CVs, answers to Selection Criteria, statement to respond to “What will I expect to benefit from this Secondment opportunity?” and an interview process carried out by PASAI Secretariat.

We encourage Heads of SAI to share this opportunity with your staff as an excellent professional development experience and at the same time achieving PASAIs motto of “Pacific Auditors Working Together”. 

We look forward to your nominations and applications in support of this program.    

Deadline to apply: 31 August 2017

Should you need further information please contact Mrs A’eau Agnes Aruwafu at agnes.aruwafu@pasai.org