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IDI and PASAI Co-operation growing in strengths

PASAI’s co-operation and partnership with the INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI) is growing.

Speaking at the PASAI booth during the XXII-INCOSAI 2016, Mr. Einar Gorrissen, Director-General of IDI praised the PASAI efforts toward strong and better performance SAIs and also PASAI’s co-operation with IDI.

 “I am particularly proud of the co-operation between IDI and PASAI… Our co-operation has been growing from strength to strength. We work together in co-operative audits and other work programs,” said Mr. Gorrissen.

He also acknowledged ‘the very good support from the PASAI Secretariat’ and that small SAIs have made good progress. In particular, the strong regional support provided by PASAI to its member SAIs.

In conclusion, Mr. Gorrissen congratulated PASAI “on its achievements to date” and reassured PASAI “that IDI stands by as your partner for the SAIs going forward and ultimately for the citizens of the Pacific.”

PASAI and IDI signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in September 2016 to co-operate and work in partnership with each other in the development and delivery of their respective initiatives and programmes in the Pacific, to the benefit of Pacific SAIs.