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SAI PMF Lite Project, Phase II // Mr Haser Hainrick

Transcript for Mr Haser Hainrick, Public Auditor FSM National Office of the Public Auditor

I’m Haser Hainrick Public Auditor for the FSM National SAI and I’m in the beautiful island of Guam to attend the Phase II of the SAI PMF.

First I want to just extend my appreciation to PASAI for taking this SAI PMF now to the Northern Pacific islands where many of the SAIs are also located. And this follows the implementation of Phase I in the South Pacific.

For us at the FSM National SAI, we really do look forward to SAI PMF because we have a strong belief in it; something that we really would like to implement in our operation as a measurement tool of our SAI performance.

It’s much more comprehensive than the peer review that we have been using here and the fact that it covers many other domains and areas within our operation. It’s very comprehensive coverage and we really do look forward to its implementation, to receive an independent assessment of our SAI’s operations and to look forward to the results. We want to use the results to identify our shortcomings and any areas that we may be doing well in, and also that we can establish baseline – this is another critical area that I attach a lot of value to, so that over the course of time, with the baseline establish now we can actually have a much more objective evaluation of how we have performed over time.

We need this in the FSM, we would like to just continue to improve in our operation and hopefully that we can be an example as a model to our country within FSM at the National down to State level.

So, for the past one week – today is our last day in this workshop, things have been going very well. I really appreciate the resource persons that we receive from few of the South Pacific SAIs. They have been very instrumental in helping us here based on the experience that they have gone through during Phase I.

Much appreciation to PASAI Secretariat – thank you so much for the support that you have given to us; as well as to Camilla from IDI, our resource person and main stakeholder in this SAI PMF project. Thank you so much and we really look forward to getting this roll out implemented until we come to the completion of this project.

So thank you, thank you.