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SAMOA PAC WORKSHOP / Hon. Aliimalemanu Alofa Tuau


“The workshop for the last two days is very beneficial not only to the Finance and Expenditure Committee where I am a member, but also to all the members of other Committees of Parliament. 

The main outcome in that I have realised has come out of these two days sessions, is to make aware the members of Parliament of their over-arching oversight responsibilities with the financial statements as well as the audit reports that are presented to them by the government departments as well as the State Owned Enterprises. 

Because in our role as “leaders” we should be aware of that oversight functions and in order to have that oversight function effectively performed, we need to understand the basics of how to read the accounts and we also need to understand what is in the audited reports that government departments need to address to further improve the services. 

So in that context I really feel that the PASAI have really come out with a very useful workshop.  I hope that is can be continued in the future so that we build the capacity of the members so that where the accounts and the audited reports are presented to them, they have that oversight in order for them to review the annual accounts, to review the annual reports, and make recommendations where needed to further improve the services.”