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SAI PMF Lite Project, Phase II Kick-off meeting // Ms Camilla Fredriksen

Transcript for Ms Camilla Fredriksen, SAI PMF Advisor from IDI

Hi I’m Camilla Fredriksen. I’m a SAI PMF Advisor from the IDI.

I would just like to take some time to reflect upon the experiences we’ve had here in Guam this week – the first workshop for the second phase of the program of support to PASAI for SAI PMF roll out.

As a SAI PMF Advisor, I’m very excited to see the engagement, the dedication of the participating SAIs. This week has been very enriching for me as well, to learn about the SAIs, the context of the North Pacific states and also to understand the challenges that they are dealing with.

I think that, from our side, we are very happy to have this lighter approach to SAI PMF, which is kind of an accommodating approach where SAIs, we take into consideration the realities of smaller SAIs with specific context such as here in the island states.

We’ve already seen results from Phase I, where we have identified many of the same characteristics across the different organisations. So we believe that results of these 2 phases of this program will be beneficial both for the SAIs in question but also for PASAI as an organisation, which is also the objective of this program.

Equally for us in the IDI, we see that it’s very important to identify fully the capacity building needs in the organisations here, and also for us in order to provide support in the future together with PASAI. We really appreciate the cooperation with PASAI in this program, and we are hoping for its continuous success in the roll out this year.