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SAI PMF Lite Project, Phase II // Mr Stoney Taulung

Transcript for Mr Stoney Taulung, Public Auditor for Kosrae State of FSM

Hi, my name is Stoney Taulung. I am the Public Auditor for Kosrae State.

Before I say a few words, I’d like to say thanks to PASAI, IDI, DFAT and donor agencies for making this workshop possible.

When I received the invitation to participate in this event, I look at the importance of this workshop and respond immediately to PASAI indicating that our Office will be represented by myself and my audit manager, and with some difficulties with visa, my audit manager was not able to attend this meeting.

As I look at the importance of this SAI PMF activity, I see that it is a useful tool that will help us measure our performance. Compared this SAI PMF experience with the APIPA peer review, I think the PMF results will give us a lot than what we have in the peer review. Because in the peer review we only have a limited scope, while in this SAI PMF, we have a number of domains to look at as well as number of dimensions that we have to look at. At first, I thought this experience is too much, too complicated, but when I work and share with my fellow Public Auditors, with the support of the resource person, I have confident that we will successfully implement this task without difficulties.

For sure we will encounter some problems but we will again be dependent on the resource person. So, I already shared and discussed the benefit of this exercise when I go through my budget process informing the review committee that another thing that we will engage on is this exercise, the SAI PMF, an exercise which is very useful to convince our budget and leaders that we are moving forward.

So this is what I can say at this time and thank you very much for providing this opportunity.

Thank you.