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SAI PMF Lite Project, Phase II Kick-off meeting // Doris Flores Brooks

Transcript for Doris Flores Brooks, Public Auditor of Guam

Hafa Dai – I’m Doris Flores Brooks, the Public Auditor from Guam. I’m also the Micronesian representative to the PASAI Governing Board.

I want to thank PASAI and IDI for holding the SAI PMF project here in Guam. I can recall in 2013 when the SAI PMF project was first unveil to us at the Guam Congress. Einar went into great detail how important this project was and I’m glad to see that PASAI has taken it over.

In 2014, I had the good fortune to go to Fiji to learn more about what the SAI PMF project was all about. I’m glad to see that PASAI now has taken it a step further by holding this workshop.

In talking to my staff, they’ve said it’s really very good. And I said in my January inaugural remarks that I’m looking forward to this project because it will help identify Guam’s strengths and weaknesses and help us chart the course for the next four years. So this is a very good project and again I want to thank PASAI and IDI for their contribution.