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ICDL update

The number of PASAI members using ICDL has increased during 2016, with the roll out of ICDL to the YAP State Office of the Public Auditor and the GUAM Office of Public Accountability.  This follows the successful use of ICDL in the Tuvalu Audit Office from 2013-2015. 


PASAI Member ICDL Participation


TUVALU – 7 Staff:  The Tuvalu Audit Office undertook the ICDL programme through the Tuvalu Treasury Accredited Testing Centre, and were the first PASAI member to utilize ICDL to develop staff capacity in general computer usage.


YAP – 7 staff:  Yap State Office of the Public Audit Office enrolled in the ICDL programme, and primarily undertook the ICDL Databases (Access) and Presentation (Powerpoint) modules.

GUAM – 13 Staff:  Guam Office of Public Accountability Staff enrolled in the ICDL programme and are undertaking a range of modules including Databases, IT Security, Advanced Spreadsheets, Advanced Databases, and others.

ICDL Training & Result Progress - Yap

The YAP office staff commenced ICDL training in the first quarter of 2016, with the majority of training being conducted using ICDL’s online e-courseware through March and April 2016.  Three staff undertook the Database module, and four staff the Presentation

On average, staff spent a total of 18 hours progressing through the Database Courseware, compared to an average of 8.1 hours to complete the Presentation Courseware.   Upon completion of study, all staff received their internationally recognized ICDL Certification by achieving a pass mark of 75% or above in the supervised ICDL Certification Assessment.  The average pass mark for the Databases Module was 93% and Presentation 89%.