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SAMOA PAC WORKSHOP / Hon. Lopaoo Natanielu Mua


“This workshop has been very rewarding beneficial from the point of view that we share quite a lot and learn a lot of things that Parliamentarians should know and understand in relation to the scrutinising of reports from state owned enterprises, and government public bodies. 

We took into account some of the recommendations suggested from PASAI that we found useful for the ongoing work of Parliamentary Select Committees, in order that we maintain the highest level of accountability and transparency in the work that we have done and also be in a position to effectively and positively to issues raised in reports and also issues that are not raised but we come to find in any report that comes to the Committees.

For the Special Committee that we are working on the Land and Titles Court, it has been specifically rewarding for me as the Chairman to see that there were issues that we should have looked and handled in a manner that was discussed during the workshop.”